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Health benefits of Pineberries

Health benefits of Pineberries

Strawberries are widely grown in the USA. Yet, they are popular in other countries. Indians are also fond of these fruits.

Children like strawberries very much due to their color.

Pineberries are another variant of strawberries. They are white strawberries and believed to be healthier than the traditional red color strawberries.

They are created by cross breeding two types of strawberries. Pineberries are eaten as a snack or mixed with yogurt. They can also be added in a fruit salad or a smoothie.

In whatever form you consume pineberry, it provides many health benefits.

Pineberry boosts the immune system due to its richness of vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants. It fights against bacteria and allergies.

It reduces oxidative stress and prevents the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases as it is loaded with antioxidants.

Pineberry improves heart health. Regular intake of pineberries reduces the risk of cardiac ailments and hypertension as they are loaded with potassium that is beneficial for a healthy heart. It also prevents cardiac stroke and arrest.

It aids in improving digestive health. It reduces digestive problems like stomach bloating, indigestion etc. Pineberry has adequate fibre, so can control food craving which leads to excess weight. It also fights against constipation.

Pineberry contains vitamin A and D. Hence, it is beneficial for vision and growth of an individual. Vitamin D helps strengthening bones and teeth. Many people in these days have deficiency of vitamin D. If they add a bowl of pineberries to their diet, their bone health will be very good.

Pineberry is good for pregnant women as well. It prevents the birth defects of the babies. It is rich in folate and protects the foetus to grow properly without any complications.

Being rich in carbohydrates, pineberries keep you energetic the entire day.

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