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Hair care in winter

Hair care in winter

Whether it is winter or summer, everyone wants to look good. In the summer, there is the problem of getting tanned or getting sunburnt. In the winter, there are chapped lips, dry skin, cracked heels, and rough hair. However, there is no reason to let all that stop you from looking good. Here are some hair care tips for the winter.

Hot Oil Massage

Having a hot oil massage is a great way to give life to your hair. The roughness and dullness in winter can be fought with a hot oil massage. The hot oil gives luster to your hair. Adding lemon juice to the oil can even help with problem of dandruff.

Wash Less

Moisture is important for your hair. Washing it too many times can leave your hair without enough moisture. Too much shampoo can also make your hair frizzy. So don’t try to wash it too often. Shampooing and washing your hair twice a week is enough. Avoid using hot water on your hair.

Use Comb with Wide Bristles

Winter can make your hair frizzy. It could be tough to keep your hair open in rough winds. At such times, it is highly recommended to use wide bristled combs to comb gently. Smooth frizzes slowly instead of fighting with them. This prevents damage.

Use Hair Conditioner

Winter means your hairs needs conditioner. Apply hair conditioner on the ends of hair every time you wash your hair. Avoid using it on scalp though. This helps avoid split ends and even add some shine to your hair.

Dry Your Hair

Before you comb your hair, make sure it is not wet. This is not just applicable in winter season. It prevents hair fall.

Cover Your Hair

As much as it is enjoyable to let wind flow through your hair, it is better to protect it. The cold wind can make your hair rough and dull.

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