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Foods for a cooler summer

Foods for a cooler summer

Indian summers are some of the hottest experiences to bear. Heat strokes and dehydration are very common dangers in Indian summers.

Considering the record breaking temperatures that India is experiencing every summer in the recent past, it is clear this year would be a hot mess too.

The best, one can do is to stay prepared for this heat.

There are foods that can keep your body cool and hydrated.

Coconut water

You cannot get a better summer food/drink than this. It is very refreshing to drink because of the electrolytes it provides. The heat of the summer can cause your body to run low on electrolytes. So this gives you instant energy.


This vegetable is rich in water and many vitamins. They can be seasoned with various spices to improve their taste.


Yogurt is common in Indian cuisine. It is very healthy to have because of its probiotics. You can even make lassi out of this for sweet taste. Fruits can also be mixed as a salad for taste.


Mint is good for cooling you down. You can make simple drinks with it. You can mix it with raita or other chutneys for delicious drinks and food.


Foods for a cooler summer

Foods for a cooler summer

These are one of the best fruits to eat during summer. They are rich in water content and keeps your body cool easily. Eat them before meals or going out and also after coming back home from outside.

Lime water

Many people tend to drink carbonated drinks in summer to quench thirst. But those drinks are known to cause dehydration making your situation worse. Instead of those drinks, try lime water to have a cooling effect on your body.

Green vegetables

Add green vegetables to your diet. They are rich in fiber and also in water content. This keeps your body in good condition.

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