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Exercises to help quit smoking

Exercises to help quit smoking

The International Anti-Tobacco Day is upcoming on May 31st, which not only encourages the programs of awareness but also a removal of tobacco globally for 24 hours.

There is no safe way to use tobacco, and numerous substances in it can cause still more diseases and health issues.

In honor of the upcoming day, these are some exercises that can help one quit smoking for good.


• Running helps one cope with withdrawal symptoms of tobacco.

Start with a shorter run, but eventually get up to a five-kilometer one.

• Aerobics is an excellent exercise for the early stages of quitting smoking. It helps the efficiency of the lungs and heart to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

• Cardio-based exercises such as biking, rowing, and cross-country skiing are excellent tools for quitting smoking. They both keep the heart healthy and build the endurance of the cardiovascular system.

• Brisk walking is great for making blood circulation more effective. It improves the functioning of the heart and the bodily supply of oxygen, as well as reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Exercises to help quit smoking

Exercises to help quit smoking

• Since smoking reduces the functioning of the heart, it is difficult for one to do high levels of activity. Thus, jogging is a good exercise for doing activity without needing much stamina. It helps physical and mental fitness and reduces withdrawal symptoms as well.

• Swimming, as an overall great exercise for one’s health, helps with quitting smoking by improving heart function, lung function, and condition of muscles.

• Yoga is a great way to reduce the cravings of smoking. It helps calm the mind, relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and improve the functioning of brain cells.

• Taking up a sport is one of the best methods to quit smoking, since sportive exercise helps release dopamine-based chemicals similar to nicotine in the body, thus reducing the want for tobacco.

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