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Do excess protein intake affects body?

Do excess protein intake affects body?

Yes. Certainly excess protein intake affects the body in various ways. Your body needs all essential elements that include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. All these are very important for your overall functioning of the body. If you miss to take any of these elements, your body is deprived of it which affects the ultimate function in your body.

Normally, many people prefer high-protein diet to satisfy their hunger and thereby avoid intake of carbohydrates. Their ultimate goal is to lose their weight. It may help temporarily to shed your pounds, but it has many long-term effects on the body. As carbohydrates are essential to most of the functions of the body, your body may be deprived of them.

The first and foremost affect is that excess protein intake affects kidneys. This is very true in case of aged people. As you age, your kidney filtration efficiency reduces. Excess protein intake puts too much strain on your kidney. If you take more animal protein, if may read to formation of kidney stones as it contains purine. Some studies also revealed that there is a relationship between protein intake and prostate cancer.

Though proteins are crucial for many of the body’s vital functions, their excess is not advisable as they affect your body in various ways. You can see here how excess protein affects your body.

High protein shows adverse effects on intestines. This is because protein gives a ‘full’ feeling and thus one avoids the intake of fibre foods. As a result, lot of problems causes constipation in the body.

High protein intake, especially animal protein, is linked to heart diseases according to some researches.

People who concentrate on protein intake sometimes ignore the importance of other essential elements in the body. These include vitamins and minerals. As a result, your body suffers from nutritional deficiencies.

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