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Drink tea as per your blood group

Drink tea as per your blood group

Various studies have been conducted on the foods that should be taken by a person as per his or her blood group. This is because blood group plays a vital role in the health of a person and it is associated with certain health risks.

For instance, people with O blood group are more prone to ulcers whereas people with AB and B blood group have tendency to gain weight. So, depending on the blood group of the person various types of teas are recommended. You can drink them as per your blood group to reduce your health risks.

Herbal teas are good for health. But, if they are made as per your need, they will be more beneficial. So, drink these teas according to blood group.

People with blood group A are more prone to stress as they are very sensitive. Hence, stress relieving is very important for their health. Jasmine tea, thyme tea and marigold tea are very good in soothing the mind. They can try green tea as well.

B blood group people can gain weight easily due to their lower metabolism. Furthermore, they tire easily. They also feel fatigue, restlessness and trouble in sleeping. Sage tea, lemon balm tea, rooibos tea, elderberry tea, red tea and green tea are recommended to improve their metabolism, get relief from fatigue and sleeping problems.

People with AB blood group are generally creative. They can easily manage their stress, but they have increased risk of memory issues. Hence, cranberry tea, mint tea, lavender tea, green tea and yellow tea are suggested for them to get refreshed.

O blood group people are more prone to gastric and digestive problems. It is better for them to drink tea rather than coffee. Green tea, ginseng tea, ginger tea and yerba mate tea are recommended for them to soothe gastric irritation and to improve digestive system.

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