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Don’t put your smartphone in your pocket

Don’t put your smartphone in your pocket

In this modern day and age, it is a necessity to carry around a mobile phone. However, over the years, many dangers have been discovered about the radiation and signals emitted from these phones. One of these risks is keeping a smartphone too close to the body, especially in a pocket.

Although the full extent of the effects of a smartphone’s radiation is not yet uncovered, there are many valid claims which prove that it is unhealthy to carry a mobile phone so close to the body. Therefore, here are seven facts that prove why a phone should be carried elsewhere in order to ensure bodily safety:

· Men carrying a smartphone in a pocket of their pants can have negative effects on their spermatozoa, and thus, their fertility.

· Additionally, the radiation from a smartphone can reduce the count of sperm in a man, as well as their motility. It can also cause damage of their DNA and oxidative stress.

· Erectile dysfunction may also occur when men carry smartphones in their pants’ pockets, especially when the phone is turned on for a long period of time.

· A smartphone should also not be carried in the pocket of a shirt, since its radiation can cause certain cancers in the organs around that area, such as skin cancer and breast cancer.

· When a smartphone is carried close to the body, the energy of the radio waves emitted from it may be absorbed by bodily tissues.

· The signals sent and received from a mobile phone can heat up tissues over long periods of time, thus causing those cells to overheat.

· The risk of bodily damage from a phone can vary due to the number of phone calls made, the length of the calls, and the distance between the phone and the body while on a phone call.

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