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Don’t eat these foods if you want to lose weight

Don’t eat these foods if you want lose weight

Losing weight is among the top goals for many.

Many people follow strict workout routines but still find that they are not losing weight.

This is because the diet one eats plays a bigger role in weight loss than the workout they do.

If you are looking to lose weight, then here are some of the foods you should forget about.

Microwave popcorn

This is one of the most under looked foods when it comes to foods to avoid.

Microwave popcorn seems simple and easy to munch on. They are not very filling either.

This leads people to assume they are negligible. But that’s where they are wrong.

Microwaved popcorn gives high amounts of calories. The butter and salt in them make it bad for your body.


Many people cut down on meals and instead opt for smoothies thinking they are both tasty and healthy.

While the former is true, the latter is not. Smoothies often contain loads of unhealthy sugars.

This slows down your metabolism and hinders weight loss.

So, instead of smoothies opt for vegetable and fruit snacks.


While mocktails do not have alcohol in them, they are not exactly healthy.

They are also filled with high calorific content like sugars.

Frozen foods

Frozen foods seem like a great alternative to save time.

But they are loaded with preservatives which contain a lot of calories. Eating them increases your weight.

Don’t eat these foods if you want lose weight

Don’t eat these foods if you want lose weight

White bread

White bread is a very common food item.

Having a couple of slices might seem like a simple and even healthy snack.

But it is rich in calories. This causes you to gain weight unknowingly.


Of course, potatoes are one of the most delicious vegetables.

There are many foods cooked with it. However, it is loaded with carbs.

This boosts your daily calorie intake to unhealthy levels.

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