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Foods to avoid for ulcers

Foods to avoid for ulcers

Ulcers are very problematic.

They can make it very hard for people to stay normal and peaceful.

They cause annoying and painful sensations in stomach.

Ulcers occur due to open sores in the lining of the stomach.

The sores when exposed to the stomach acid causes pain.

There are medicines for treating ulcers and visiting a doctor is important to treat ulcers.

However, here are some foods that should be avoided when you are suffering with ulcers.

Spicy Foods

This is very obvious. You must absolutely avoid eating spicy food or risk worsening your pain. Spicy food causes the acid level in stomach to increase. The more acid present, the more irritation caused in the stomach lining. This makes your ulcer worse.


Alcohol lovers must also completely cut down on it if they have ulcers. Alcohol is another thing that increases acid level in stomach.

Caffeine products

Caffeine products like coffee, tea, or energy drinks should also be avoided. Caffeine is known to aggravate stomach ulcers.

Red Meat

Try and cut down on your red meat consumption as much as possible. Red meat has a lot of protein and fat. This makes it harder to digest and causes release of a lot of acid. Red meat is also considered less healthy because of the various complications it can cause. So, cut down on it.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk should also be avoided by people suffering from ulcers.

They also have high protein and fat in them which causes high amounts of acidity.

Foods to avoid for ulcers

Foods to avoid for ulcers

Foods with high amount of salt

Those who are suffering with ulcers should cut down on consumption of salt.

Foods which have high amounts of sodium should also be avoided.

Salts can worsen the situation of ulcers.

Aerated or carbonated drinks

Soft drinks which are carbonated must be avoided when suffering from ulcers.

These drinks also usually contain a lot of citric acid, sugar additives and preservatives.

All of them affect the stomach lining and worsen the condition of stomach ulcers.

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