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Cancer myths busted

Cancer myths busted

Cancer, it is no exaggeration to call it one of the most dangerous diseases ever faced by mankind. It claims thousands of lives every year.

It is perhaps that reason why there is so much fear about the disease. What is feared usually creates many myths around it.

There are several things that people believe about this disease which are wrong. Let’s take a look at the biggest myths surrounding cancer.

The patient cannot fight it on will

It is a common phrase that cancer is a battle. While it can be encouraging, it is not accurate. The patient suffering with cancer cannot directly battle cancer on will. It is not something that can be controlled. The treatment of cancer depends on the methods used.

Cancer does have preventive methods

It is a common belief that cancer cannot be prevented no matter what. This is not true. Leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding carcinogens can help reduce the chances of cancer. Good diet and exercise are important for this.

Foods cannot cure cancer

There are so many claims that certain foods can cure cancer. The simple thing to remember is that if a food can cure cancer, then the entire pharmaceutical industry would be on it. However, it should be noted that certain foods are good for health and can reduce the chances of getting cancer.

Cancer is not completely hereditary

It is a common myth that cancer is hereditary. However, the chances of someone getting cancer even if their family members have it, is low. So, most of the times you don’t need to worry that you’ll get cancer if your family member gets it.

Cancer does not mean death

If you get diagnosed with cancer, do not be afraid. Medical technology has come a long way and cancer is treatable with high survivability rates.

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