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Is avoiding sugar completely good for diabetics?

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Many people stop eating foods that contain sugar immediately after they have been diagnosed with diabetes. For a diabetic, sugar restriction is mandatory, but avoiding it completely is not safe. This is because, complete avoiding will lead to deficiency of one essential ingredient to our body. As a result diabetics may have further complications. Eating right foods at right time in the correct quantity is very essential. Here are certain things that diabetics should keep in their mind with respect to their diet.

  1. Diabetics should never go hungry which may lead to a decrease in sugar levels of the body. They should carry some food with them if such situations happen to avoid further complications.
  2. More intake of protein is very essential for everyone especially for diabetics. More means the adequate amount of protein to the body.
  3. Doctors advise eating at regular intervals is important for diabetics. Taking small amount of food more frequently i.e. many times a day is essential.
  4. Consumption of whole grains with high fiber takes longer time to convert to glucose. They also make you feel full for a longer time.
  5. Carrying sugar candies or sweets is important which is helpful in times of drop in sugar levels of the body.
  6. Regular exercise helps in burning excess fat and glucose, and keeps blood glucose in control.
  7. Complete negation of sugar is not good for diabetics. Instead of refined starches, adding whole grain wheat or brown rice is good for body.

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