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Unlocking Earnings: How Twitter’s Ads Revenue Sharing benefits creators

Unlocking Earnings: How Twitter's Ads Revenue Sharing benefits creators

Twitter, now known as X, has ignited a wave of excitement among users, particularly in India, as they share screenshots of substantial payments received through the Ads Revenue Sharing feature.

This feature, introduced by Elon Musk in July, empowers qualified creators worldwide to monetize their content by earning from ads displayed alongside their posts and profiles.

Curious about how this works and how you can get in on the action?

Here are the details:

The Ads Revenue Sharing feature on X enables Blue Tick subscribers to reap rewards from the ad revenue generated within the replies to their posts.

It’s a brilliant initiative aimed at supporting content creators by allowing them to directly profit from the engagement their content generates.

Here’s how it works: when users engage with a creator’s tweets and interact within the reply section, any ads displayed there contribute to the creator’s earnings.

X’s official blog sums it up, stating that ad revenue sharing allows you to share revenue from verified users’ organic impressions of ads.

To become eligible for this creator ads revenue sharing program, X has set specific criteria:

  1. X Premium Subscription or Verified Organization: To access the ad revenue sharing scheme, users must subscribe to X Premium (Twitter Blue). In India, the pricing starts at ₹900 monthly for iOS and Android users, and ₹650 monthly for web users.
  2. Impressions and Followers: Creators need at least 15 million organic impressions on their cumulative posts within the last three months, along with a minimum of 500 followers.
  3. Create a Stripe Account: Users are required to have a Stripe account, a payment processing platform that X uses for payouts.
  4. Meet Ads Revenue Share Terms: This includes being at least 18 years old, having an active Twitter account for at least three months, and posting at least 25 tweets in the previous 30 days. Besides, maintaining a complete profile with a picture, bio, and header image, verifying your email address and enabling two-factor authentication are also required. Your account must not be a state-affiliated media account and it should adhere to Twitter’s User Agreement and Content Monetization Standards. Moreover, having an authentic identity on your profile is also essential.

If you meet all these criteria, you can apply for both Creator Subscriptions and Ads Revenue Sharing by accessing Monetization in your Twitter settings:

  • Navigate to your account settings after logging into your Twitter account.
  • Select the option to opt in for ad revenue sharing.
  • After clicking ‘Join and set up payouts,’ you’ll be redirected to Stripe to set up your account to receive earnings.

Once you opt-in, Twitter will periodically send out payouts, provided you’ve accumulated more than USD 50 (approximately ₹4,150). However, the exact method used to calculate payout values remains undisclosed in the support document.

If you decide the program isn’t for you, X offers an option to opt out of the ads revenue-sharing program. Contact X’s Paid Support page.

In a world where content creation is a significant endeavour, Twitter’s Ads Revenue Sharing is a promising opportunity for creators to turn their engagement into earnings.

So, if you meet the criteria, why not try to see your tweets transform into revenue generators?

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/-8a5eJ1-mmQ

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