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New features of Twitter

New features of Twitter

Ever since the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, it has been undergoing many changes. One of the most important changes is payment for the blue tick feature.

As any Twitter user can get a blue tick by paying a specified amount, many users are interested to buy it. Earlier, the blue tick feature was only available to verified users. That means companies, government agencies, popular brands etc., would get the blue tick. Twitter used to verify their accounts and add a blue tick to their accounts.

But after the acquisition by Elon Musk, Twitter announced offering a blue tick to all who pay $8 per month. It led to chaos as many fake brands also got a blue tick.

In this scenario, many critics demanded verification before adding a blue checkmark to an account. Twitter worked on it and is going to relaunch the feature today.

Twitter blue tick subscription costs $8 per month on the web. However, Apple iOS users need to pay $11.

If any user has a blue checkmark and alters their display name or photo, Twitter will remove the blue checkmark. The blue tick will be restored only after re-verification. This is to prevent a repetition of impersonation and prevent protests against particular campaigns.

Those who already have a blue checkmark need to pay the subscription within 90 days to retain the feature. Otherwise, they will lose their verified badge.

In addition to the blue checkmark, Twitter also offers a grey checkmark for verified accounts affiliated with the government and a gold checkmark for advertisers.

Twitter announced that a blue checkmark would be issued only after thorough verification. Users will be verified through phone numbers. Only such verified users will get it.

Those who have taken subscriptions to Twitter will be given priority. They will have 50 per cent lesser ads than the non-subscription users.

Twitter users can edit the content of their tweets within 30 minutes of posting them. In addition, users can upload 1080p videos.

Also, Twitter plans to increase the maximum character limit to 4,000 in a tweet, while the existing limit is 280 characters.

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