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Things to know about the food truck business

Things to know about the food truck business

The food truck business is one of the most lucrative businesses now. Besides, one can start it with a low investment.

Before starting a food truck business, you must consider the following:

  • Choose the right vehicle to start a food truck. You can opt second-hand vehicle, if you have a limited budget by spending around ₹4-₹5 lakhs. But, you should consider certain things while buying an old vehicle. The vehicle must have all valid certificates.
  • Besides, the age of the vehicle is one of the most essential things. This is because many states are mulling banning commercial vehicles aged above 10 years. To avoid all these, you can buy a new vehicle if you have adequate finances. However, you have to spend more money.
  • Apply for required licenses and permits. Some of them include an FSSAI license, NOC from RTO and Municipal Corporation, fire safety certificate, kitchen insurance etc. It costs around ₹50,000. Nowadays, many consultancies are there to help you in getting all licenses and permits.
  • Procuring required kitchen equipment and raw materials is also essential. These include cooking stoves, microwaves, mixers, freezers, grillers, steamers, exhaust equipment, working tables etc. It costs you around ₹2-₹3 lakhs.
  • Since they are electric appliances, it is better to buy new ones. In addition, you have to spend some money on raw materials.
  • Hire the required workforce. You need chefs, helpers, delivery boys etc. If you don’t want to hire delivery boys, you can tie up with food delivery companies. For this, you need some working capital.
  • In addition, you need to spend around ₹6,000 on providing uniforms to staff to create brand value among your customers.
  • Install POS (point of sale) software. You need to spend approximately ₹24,000 for this.
  • Promote your business through advertisements. You can promote through traditional ways of advertising as well as digital ways. You need to spend around ₹1 lakh for this.
  • Choosing the right location is one of the most important things for the success of the food truck business.

Benefits of starting a food truck business:

  • Unlike many businesses, it needs a low investment. The major expense in this business is buying a food truck and kitchen equipment. You need not spend any amount on infrastructure.
  • You can start with minimum resources.
  • Quality is important in this business. If you do not compromise on quality, you can expand your business easily.

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