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Things you shouldn’t carry in your wallet

Things you shouldn’t carry in your wallet

Wallets are generally a one place for all storage. Many people stuff everything in it without thinking too much of it.

However, when you lose the wallet you start to wonder what important things you put in it.

Here are some things that are not recommended to be carried in your wallet.


Receipts are fairly common everywhere. Every purchase comes with a receipt usually. People tend to stuff them in their purses.

However, do you know that receipts consist of merchant info, last four digits of your debit or credit cards, and your name? Information like this can be used by hackers to piece together the rest of your information. So avoid putting them in your wallet.

Credit cards and gift cards

Try not to carry all your cards in your wallet. When you lose a wallet make sure that you have other cards so you won’t end up with no options.

It is best to carry a debit card and one backup credit card in the wallet.

Avoid saving gift cards in your wallet as well. Credit and debit cards can be renewed when lost, but the same is not true for gift cards.


This is a fairly obvious one. Many people carry their cheque books in their wallet. If you lose a cheque book, it can be used for malicious purposes. Losing a cheque book is a serious problem to deal with. Avoid carrying it with you.


People tend to write down their passwords and ATM pin codes. If you cant remember them, try to have you family member remember them. Writing you passcodes in paper and putting them in a wallet is like handing your money over to others on a platter. In other words, don’t do it.

Also avoid putting important documents in your wallet.

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