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Things to remember before using ATM

Things to remember before using ATM

ATMs are wonderful machines which are very helpful. However, they can be dangerous too, due to the fact that there are many criminal methods to misuse them. Here are some basic safety measures you should follow to ensure safety in your ATM visits.

  • Make sure you are alone near the kiosk you are using. This will prevent thieves from getting your PIN code.
  • Never hand your ATM card to a stranger. You never know what kind of person he/she is. Always contact bank officials in case of emergency,
  • Do not write down your PIN code somewhere. It is better to memorize it.
  • Do not share your PIN code with anyone in order to get their help.
  • Do not use easily guessable PIN codes like your birthday.
  • Make sure your card is in your possession before you leave the ATM cubicle.
  • Remember to register your mobile number with the Bank so that you can get alerts regarding the usage of the card.
  • Make sure that there are no extra devices attached to ATMs. They can steal your personal information and use it for fraudulent purposes.
  • Be watchful regarding the people around you, especially those who offer their help to you for no reason.

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