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Reasons for rejection of a car insurance claim

Reasons for rejection of a car insurance claim

Generally, if you have insurance for a vehicle or car, then you may feel relaxed. But, having insurance does not mean that you can drive your vehicle in a negligent way.

If the insurance company found that the vehicle is driven in a negligent way, then it can reject the insurance claim.

Negligence also includes drunk driving. Generally, if a person is under the influence of alcohol, accidents are more prone to occur. So, if the accident is found to be due to drunk driving, insurance is not covered.

Hence, even though you have insurance policy for your vehicle, make sure that the vehicle is not driven in a negligent way to avoid the rejection of insurance claim.

Apart from this, there are certain other reasons why your car insurance claim may be rejected by the insurer.

A valid driving license is the very basic requirement to drive a car. The insurer will ask you to show your driving license when you are making a claim. That does not mean you can allow other persons to drive your car without a driving license as you have a license. The persons who drove the car should have a driving license.

Do not let people without driving license drive your car. If you do not have a valid driving license, the company denies your claim.

Improper use of a car is another reason why your insurer can reject your claim. That means, if you use it for commercial use even though it is bought for personal use, then your claim will be rejected by the company. Before settling a claim, the company will thoroughly examine the reasons for damage by appointing a surveyor. So, make sure to use your vehicle for specified purpose.

If you a buy a pre-owned car, then do not forget to change the ownership in your name. You should also change it in the insurance policy. Otherwise, your claim will be rejected.

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