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Lockdown exit strategy suggested by FICCI

Lockdown exit strategy suggested by FICCI

The increase in coronavirus cases day by day mandates the county to be under lockdown for a longer period. At the same time, the lockdown affects the country’s economy.

Yet, lockdown is essential to stop spreading the novel coronavirus exponentially. In this context, FICCI suggested the exit strategy to lift lockdown carefully across the country.

Districts that do not have any COVID-19 cases should start economic activities. They should commence their activities including production, distribution, transportation etc.

Since the harvest season begins, the district collectors should make sure full harvesting with the help of MNREGA workers.

The entire agriculture should be opened for easy movement of seeds and fertilizers to farmers, and from them to mandis or markets to sell crops. Movement of all goods including both essential and non-essential should be facilitated. Despite the advice given by authorities, the movement of goods is not done smoothly in reality.

Grocery stores can be opened to their customers for walk-in with strict enforcement of safety measures. They should also maintain social distancing. The availability of groceries and other essential items help reduce panic in people.

It is not the lockdown, but the rumours that affected the poultry market a lot. Even though the government clarified that eating poultry products is safe, several people are not ready to consume them. This is due to unhygienic practices seen in the wet market. FICCI suggested assuring customers by maintaining strict hygiene in the market, utilizing clean ice while transporting and storing products and bringing them in good condition.

The aviation sector is one of the most badly affected sectors in the country. So, while resuming services, domestic aircrafts should be operated at one-third of the seating capacity to maintain social distance. Yet, this can make tickets expensive which restricts passengers from using aircrafts except for emergencies.

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