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How to block your SBI debit card?

How to block your SBI debit card?

Debit cards and credit cards are vital now to perform digital transactions. So, people carry these cards with them all the time. However, if you lose or misplace these cards, it poses a great risk to your money in the bank account. In such a case, you have to block those cards immediately to avoid awful consequences.

If you are a customer of the State Bank of India (SBI) and have lost your debit card, you can block your card and get a new card using the following ways.

SBI said that customers can simply block their cards if they lose them by dialling a toll-free number from their registered phone number. They can even request the re-issuance of the card.

The toll-free numbers given by the bank are 1800 112 211 and 1800 425 3800. Customers can dial any of these numbers and follow the specified instructions.

To block the SBI debit card, customers need to press 2 and enter the last four digits of the card. They will get a confirmation message after the successful completion of the process.

You can also send an SMS to block your lost card. Send an SMS by typing BLOCKlast four digits of the card to 567676. A confirmation message will be received along with your ticket number, date, and time.

If you want to place a request for a new debit card after blocking the old card, then follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Visit the website of SBI and log in to it. Click on the Request tab and select the Reissue/Replace Card option. Enter the required details and click submit.

Alternatively, you can use SBI mobile application to get your new card. Log in to the mobile application from your device. Select the Service Request under the Menu button and click on Reissue/Replace Card. Select the card number and click submit.

SBI charges a fee for the re-issuance of the debit card. Cards will be reissued within seven working days.

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