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High Risk High Return stocks as of December 6, 2017

High Risk High Return stocks as of December 6, 2017

Having a low stock price doesn’t mean that the stocks are the best. Low price means that there is a chance of high risk and high reward. It is important to keep this in mind while investing in low priced stocks.

With that said, these are some of the best high risk high reward stocks as of December 6, 2017. Investors should keep in mind the risk that comes with these stocks. However, if you are looking for something adventurous, go for these.


This is a stock that fell from ₹44 to ₹12.50. This makes it a highly risky stock to bet on. However, there is a high chance that the price of the stock can rise much higher giving returns several times. The company itself is making plans toward debt reduction which can make the stock go up in price.

Dena Bank

This is a government based bank. However, it is relatively safe to invest in this bank because its stock price has fallen to an all-time low in 52 weeks. The bank itself has problems with debt. However, if it consolidates with other government owned banks, the stock can go up in price.

South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank stocks have potential to generate returns in the long term. The gross NPAs for the quarter ended Sept 30, 2017 were at 3.57 per cent. This is not as bad compared to other banks. Try this bank for long term investment.


HCC has many great projects under their belt that they did. However, the debt of the company is very high at the moment.

The company announced that they can reduce their debt in half after they allow arbitration awards to be settled.

This can result in a drastic increase their stocks. You can try investing in this company for big returns.

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