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Latest long term stocks

Latest long term stocks

The markets have been consistently increasing as of late, and therefore, so have stock prices. Investors are having a growing difficulty in finding the most affordable stocks, due to the rises in value all around.

Of course, this is typical of a flourishing market. However, there are still a couple of opportunities left that have a great deal in value for any investors that may be interested in them.

The first of these deals is Coal India, the leader in the coal market of India. The shares for this company have fallen to a low of ₹243 for almost fifty-two weeks.

Only recently did this stock go ex-dividend, which accounts for these low prices. However, this is an excellent idea for a stock for the long term. The company will most likely raise the prices of coal at least two times this year, if not more, to account for the costs of their workers.

This could lead to the benefits enhanced earnings, quick expansions, and rising prices of coal. The p/e of Coal India is also currently available at only 9 times, which is cheaper than most companies in the global market.

They also have no debt and have quite a bit of cash on their hands, making this an overall excellent purchase at a low price.

The second cheaper stock option to buy is the Power Finance Corporation. This is both one of the biggest NBFC players and one of the largest power finance companies in the entire country. The loans, income, and net profit have all increased in the past year.

They have a focus for 2019 called “power for all”, which will surely prompt a further boost in their results. In the year ending on March 31st of 2017, the Power Finance Corporation had reported an EPS of ₹8.05.

The stock can also be available at a value of only 10 times moving one year forward, regardless if the EPS jumps to ₹10 for the year 2017-2018.

This makes this company one of the cheapest to look into in terms of their fundamentals, an excellent buy for long term investors.

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