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Family of corporate espionage

Family of corporate espionage

In the corporate espionage case, Asharam and his kin were paid monthly salaries of Rs.70,000, Rs.50,000 and Rs.45,000 from three different sources. Asharam along with his two sons Lalta Prasad and Rakesh has made sure to leak every possible document from the petrol ministry to the corporates.

Their espionage was in fact so deep, that in fact Asharam had direct access to the officer of the Petroleum Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan.

He, alongside his colleague, Ishwar Singh also a multi-tasking employee at the ministry often stole documents and ensured that it had been routed out through Prasad and Rakesh.

Asharam was one amongst the main people involved in the scam. He was a multi-tasking staff within the crude oil ministry who had direct access to many wings as well as the office of Dharmendra Pradhan.

The chargesheet that has been filed by the police would show that he had sought-after the services of his sons to pass on the necessary documents to the corporates as well as energy consultants.

Asharam used his sons to gather the documents from Ishawar and so pass it on. He additionally ensured that every single payment was made to the sons by the corporates and also the energy consultants.

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