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Credit cards that have no annual fee

Credit cards that have no annual fee

Normally, banks waive the annual fee on your credit cards when you spend the specified amount on your credit cards. But, some credit cards do not have annual fee. Here is a list of credit cards that do not have an annual fee. Choose from the list of your choice, but remember you must opt for your card based on your needs. Some credit cards provide fuel benefits while others provide shopping benefits. So, one type of credit card is not suitable for all people.

There is neither annual fee nor joining fee on HSBC platinum credit card. Furthermore, you will get a 10 per cent cashback on all the amount you spend in the first 90 days. But, this offer is valid till June 30. You will get reward points 3 times of the amount that is spent on dining and telecom payments.

If you have any fixed deposit in ICICI bank you can get instant platinum credit card from the bank. There is no annual fee on this card. You will get 3 reward points on spending Rs.100 and 2 movie tickets per month as well.

There is no annual fee on Axis Insta easy credit card, yet you need to pay a joining fee of Rs.500 for this card. Yet, if you spent Rs.5000 within first 45 days from the date of card issuance, the joining fee amount will be reversed.

Indian Oil Citi bank platinum card has an annual fee of Rs.1000 which will be waived-off, if you spend at least Rs.30,000 in a year. If you spend Rs.150 at grocery stores or supermarkets you will get 2 Turbo points. This card is suitable for those who spend a lot on fuel each month.

Simply Click SBI card is also similar to Indian Oil Citi bank platinum card. But you need to spend Rs.1 lakh to get your annual fee waiver. This card provides reward points and offers on shopping.

Standard Chartered platinum rewards card has no annual fee in the first year. But, after the first year there is a joining fee of Rs.399.

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