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Business ideas for Bengalureans

Business ideas for Bengalureans

If you are residing in Bengaluru and want to start your own business, then here are some business ideas.

These are small business ideas.

One needs commitment and dedication in addition to passion to sustain in the business.

Home-based catering is one of the topmost business ideas not just in Bengaluru, but in all other metros as well. Many people are working and have busy schedules due to which they cannot cook at their homes. So, they prefer food and especially home-cooked food to be delivered to their homes. If you maintain quality and taste, then this business is suitable for you.

A Grocery store is another business idea. In addition to households, restaurants and other fast food centres can also be targeted to get many customers. If you understand the needs and tastes of your customers, and can maintain inventory, then this business is good for you.

As several people are working professionals, providing daycare or childcare is a good business idea. You need a license to start this business. Providing reliable and safe services can fetch more customers. You have to choose a suitable location for it.

If you have sufficient inventory space and packaging equipment, you can provide online retailing service by becoming a vendor for an existing manufacturer of Flipkart or Amazon.

Real estate brokerage does not require any initial investment. If you have good communication skills, been to the city very well, have contacts, and are good at negotiations, you can provide this service.

If you are looking for a regular and steady income, then provide accommodation services like hostels. Rent your rooms out to students or working professionals.

Car rental service is another business ideas. Many tourists visit the city. You can provide your services individually or you can tie up with a car renting service like Ola to get additional income.

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