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Benefits of SBI Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card

Benefits of SBI Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card

State Bank of India (SBI) introduced a multi-currency foreign travel card for hassle-free foreign tours. This Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card is a prepaid currency card that supports seven different types of currencies.

Users can pre-load it with money and use it at ATMs abroad. They can withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs across the globe and pay for goods and services at merchant points. The card supports over 34.5 million global merchants.

SBI customers can get this card at the branch. Or they can contact the bank staff to know the process of getting it.

SBI’s Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card is a chip and PIN protected card. Another card is available for backup. If users lose the card, they will be replaced with another card for free of cost. For this, global assistance is available round the clock.

The card is not linked to a bank account for additional safety. Hence, there is no need of bank account information to obtain the card. Users can start using it without that information.

The card is reloadable until its expiry date. Users can reload it by submitting Form A2 and a valid passport. Customers can withdraw the entire amount at any ATM abroad if they don’t want to use it for the next trip.

The minimum amount of load or reload of the card is $200. The maximum permissible amount to be withdrawn or spend at merchant points is US$10,000. Customers should be aware of the withdrawal fee at ATMs before withdrawing the cash. Also, some merchants may set their own limits.

SBI Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card has the following benefits:

  • Customers can manage the card online by checking the balance and transaction details.
  • They can lock in exchange rates while reloading the card.
  • The card can be loaded with British Pounds, Euros, US and Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Australian Dollars, and UAE Dirham.
  • If there are insufficient funds to pay for a transaction in one currency, the balance will get deducted automatically from the other available currency on the card.

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