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Basic safety measures to avoid debit card frauds

Basic safety measures to avoid debit card frauds

In these days security issues are rising. In the wake of fraudsters are misusing debit cards, card cloning and phishing attacks. Every customer needs to follow some basic safety measures to avoid them.

Reserve Bank of India provides guidelines to banks and customers for enhancing safety and security measures while using cards. Banks are also changing them from time to time to improve security.

Fraudsters are ready everywhere to cheat. Though many people might be aware of these, some people do not know fundamental safety measures. Hence, it is better to remember them once again. Here are some basic safety tips to avoid debit card frauds. So, follow these safety measures for better safety and security.

While you are applying for a debit card make sure you enter correct residential address in order to get it properly. Otherwise it will reach wrong address and fraudsters may misuse it.

Sign on the back side of the card in the given space immediately after you receive your card.

Change the ATM PIN as soon as you obtain your card from the bank. Do not use the same PIN for several debit cards.

Do not provide any personal details or card details on any other website, or do not respond to emails asking for such information even if they mention that they are from banks.

Make sure you check bank statements from time to time to avoid any unauthorized transactions.

In the event of loss of debit card, report it immediately to the bank authorities and block it.

Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone. Also don’t write it anywhere.

Do not allow strangers into ATM while you are withdrawing cash from the machine.

Subscribe for SMS alerts to get instant messages for every transaction on your mobile.

Even if you are taking all the safety measures and follow the above precautions and your card is comprised, then do not panic. Notify to your bank immediately. Customers are not liable for unauthorized transactions when they notify bank within three working days when there is a third-party breach without the fault of customer.

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