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Banking privileges to senior citizens and differently-abled

Banking privileges to senior citizens and differently-abled

Visiting banks and waiting in a longstanding queue is a tiresome process even for normal people. If it is a senior citizen or a differently-abed person, then imagine, how much difficult it would be.

In order to provide better services to senior citizens and differently-abled, Reserve Bank of India has advised the banks to provide them services separately.

These services include KYC documents at their residences, cash delivery for withdrawal request, delivery of demand drafts, collection of cash for deposit etc.

Here are the details of special services offered by banks to senior citizens and differently-abled people:

The accounts that are fully KYC-compliant should be automatically converted into a senior citizen account based on the date of birth proof as per the bank’s records.

As per the guidelines of the RBI, a dedicated counter should be there to serve senior citizens and differently-abled people including visually challenged and people certified with chronic illness. On this counter, they should have given priority.

Banks should offer a cheque book with minimum 25 cheque leaves in a year upon the request of these customers without insisting on their physical presence.

The old, sick and visually impaired customers can take the help of an authorized person to perform their transactions on their behalf. These authorized persons can withdraw money from the account. The banks can collect their thumb or toe to operate their account in the presence of 2 witnesses.

In order to get their pension, senior citizens have to submit life certificate under the Jeevan Praman scheme. This certificate is essential as per the guidelines of Department of Government. Hence, they should submit the physical life certificate as well as digital life certificate at any of the branches of the bank that is paying their pension. It needs to be updated at the bank branch in CBS where they are submitting their details.

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