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YourStory’s Startup support meetup

YourStory’s Startup support meetup

By popular demand, the meeting sessions for YourStory are now returning. Multiple cities will be visited, with a platform for early-stage startups to be showcased in a conversational and casual meeting.

Since the Indian startup community is so diverse, operating across multiple sectors, this is an ideal platform to connect founders of and experts in startups. On May 13, 2017, join YourStory in whichever city you live in to connect with promising startups.

You will meet key players, explore cool new technology, and discover the rising trends and new products being worked on.

This will be the fourth of many meet-ups to come, and YourStory is bringing the community together to share their ideas and bond over them.

It is crucial to meet the right people at the right time, and through these meetings, that is sure to be ensured.

YourStory is a leading company in media and technology that has championed many startups for the past nine years, staying close to early-stage founders who need a platform. Every month, someone is invited to speak of the lessons learned in building up one’s company.

This is a chance to compare notes on operations, development, and any issues in business, learning from peers and guests alike.

If you are in the startup field or are looking to join, if you are searching for people with like minds with whom you would want to connect and grow businesses together, and if you believe in communication and leadership being essential to success, then this platform is just the place for you.

Even if you just like the site or milling about with interesting folk, this is where you should go, as everyone is welcome to attend. The meeting is driven by the community and is free of all cost.

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