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The Spin Chemistry Meeting in Kolkata

The Spin Chemistry Meeting in Kolkata

The international Symposium on Spin and Magnetic Field Effects in Chemistry and Related Phenomena is held in Kolkata from 15th March to the 20th March 2015. The meeting is organized by Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. Spin Chemistry reveals the effects of electron and nuclear spins in specific, and magnetic interactions in general.

It is the 14th International Symposium. The conference covers the following:

  • Theory of spin chemistry
  • Chemical effects of electron and nuclear spins
  • Magnetic field effects on chemical reactivity
  • Radical pair chemistry and physics
  • Magnetic isotope effects on chemical reactivity
  • Spin transport and spintronics
  • Electron and nuclear hyperpolarization
  • Role of spin in the function of photoreceptor proteins

Participants should register to join the event by paying registration fees. The fees varies for Indian participants and foreign participants. Two types of registration is available: Early bird registration and post early bird registration. However, registrations are closed by December 14 2014.

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