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Re-Invest Conference & Expo in New Delhi

Re-Invest Conference & Expo in New Delhi

Re-Invest 2015 is being organized between February 15 and February 17 in New Delhi by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. More than 200 investors, 350 exhibitors, and 1000 delegates from India and around the world are expected to visit the Expo.

It is the first global investors Conference and Expo on Renewable Energy. The purpose of this meet is to present the commitment of Indian government in developing renewable energy to fulfill the needs of India in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner.

Re-Invest is a primary key platform to promote investments in this sector and to connect with the international investment community. The Meet was launched by the Prime Minister of India. The 3-day Conference mainly highlights the need to use renewable energy to meet the national and global needs. Equipment manufacturers, representatives from the renewable energy industry, international financial institutions, and authorities from both central and state governments are participating in this conference. Delegates from research institutions and universities are joining as well.

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