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Openings for Proficient Nutritionists

Openings for Proficient Nutritionists

Nutrition plays a vital role in the health of human beings.

In this context, many people are depending on the services of nutritionists to improve their health and prevent lifestyle diseases.

Several healthcare service providers are appointing nutritionists. Here are some such openings.

If you are an expert nutritionist, you can consider applying for them.

NitrifyMyDiet is looking for a sports nutritionist with a minimum of one-year experience. The nutritionist will have to develop customized nutrition plans and recipe charts using their in-house software. He/she will have to counsel clients and do regular follow-ups on their progress.

DNA Labs India needs a nutritionist with an experience of 1 to 6 years. The ideal candidate will to have counsel patients on nutrition problems and create effective meal plans for their progress.

Quench Techno Valley needs a nutritionist or dietician with over one-year of experience. The candidate will have to provide customized nutritional care plans, video consultations and chat support to their clients. He/she will have to evaluate the nutrition status of wellness products by focusing on weight management, stress etc.

The prospective nutritionist for HealthifyMe Wellness Pvt. Ltd. will have to manage the dietary intake of the clients efficiently. He/she should be tech-savvy and capable of converting free trial clients to premium clients and recommend plan changes as per the client’s progress.

Simrun Chopra is looking for a senior nutritionist with more than 10 years of experience. The ideal candidate will have to manage the nutrition teams and work with other departments to promote nutrition. He/she should have to assess the quality of consultation and counsel the clients on their nutritional issues. The nutritionist should also promote the growth of nutrition division.

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