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India marches for Animal Liberation

India march for animal liberation

Come Sunday (May 31, 2015), the day after the month’s vegan potluck, India will be seeing a nationwide march called “India Marches for Animal Liberation”. Don’t miss this event if you want to march for animal liberation.

The march is being held in order to fight the atrocities committed against more than a trillion animals every year which are unnecessary and inexcusable. Even with so much going on, many people are still not mindful about what is really going on. In order to raise awareness and bring animal liberation to the public consciousness, this event is being held.

The march will be held simultaneously in various cities in India on Sunday, May 31. Since the event is only as good as the participants, they are encouraging everyone to participate in it. Here are the participating cities and their event coordinators.

Delhi: Varun Virlan or Sindhu

Hyderabad: Sindhu, Sowmya

Bangalore: Bindu S, Ashraf, Abhay, Milesh

Chennai: Aishwarrya, Richard Roy

Pune: Aruna Kapoor, Aishwarya Viswanath

Jammu: Malvika Kalra

Mumbai: Brinda, Amul

Varanasi: Ayushi Singh

Guwahati: Pious Jughead

Raipur: Trijya Tuli

Udaipur: Ashutosh Mehta

National coordinators: Sindhu, Aruna, Pulkit

The event is being made nationwide in order to get as much attention as possible and increase as much awareness as possible.

Photo by Tobias Adam on Unsplash(Free for commercial use)

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