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Bullock cart brakes

Bullock cart brakes

India is famously known for its bullock carts. Even today, many farmers still use their bullock carts for travelling and to transport goods from one place to another. Stopping these bullock carts can be quite a problem for these farmers as they do not stop immediately. In order to help these carts, Santosh Kaveri, a young man from Belgaum has designed a braking system for bullock cart.

Santosh, who has worked in a farm since a young age, knows the difficult and painful process of stopping a bullock cart. A rope was used to stop the bullock cart. The rope is inserted through the nose of the bull and it was a very painful process for the animal.

Kaveri came up with a simple system which will control the cart without causing any harm to the bulls. The liner of the break is attached to the thread which is controlled by the driver. These breaks are similar to a break on bike. This system is useful at time of loading, steep slopes, going uphill and turning at a short radius.

Santosh, who made this has always dreamed big and wanted to make a difference. His other innovations are carrot cleaning machine and hot water without geyser.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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