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102nd Indian Science Congress

Indian Science Congress

The 102nd Indian Science Congress 2015 is to be held in association with the University of Mumbai. It is to be focused on advanced safety, healthcare, environment, education, industries and entrepreneurs. This is a platform where challengers can meet up with creators to form new possibilities in various fields. It also helps in bringing those ideas to life at the state of the art research lab facility at the campus of University of Mumbai.

The annual session will hold its 102nd session at the Kalina Campus of Bombay University, Mumbai from January 3rd to January 7th of 2015. Anyone connected to science and technology are welcome to attend this event. This event aims to bring out the best in the Indian science field.

It tries to strengthen Indian science and improve its role in developing India. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has inaugurated the 102nd edition of the Indian Science congress on Saturday morning. He stated that the love for science and technology should increase. He talked about the need for relaxing excessive regulations and complicated procedures for our universities to improve the research. You can register for this event at the website.

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