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Tips To Avoid Depression In College

Tips to Avoid Depression in College

There can be many reason for depression.

During college time students, do not have that much maturity level they required in actual.

It is not easy to come out of depression in that stage.

Apart from the wonderful and exciting experiences students get from going to college, it can also be a time of confusion, fear, and loneliness.

College can be a weird transition for some that can result in sadness and serious depression.

Symptoms of depression include sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, loss of interest in social activities, withdrawal from activities that a student previously enjoyed, increased crying, changes in eating and sleeping habits, and increased alcohol or drug use, Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, Unexplained aches and pains.

If you’re feeling any of these symptoms on campus, use these  tips to avoid depression in college: 

Stay Busy

Steering your thoughts away from negativity is key.

Keep your mind occupied by going to every class, meeting with study groups, and focusing on academics. Sadness may cause lack of energy, which can result in even more sadness.

Force yourself to get out and do things. Meet a friend for coffee, go to the grocery store and cook a great meal, or check out the local farmer’s market.

Instead of becoming a hermit, get outside for a walk or relaxing bike ride and allow time to collect your thoughts, analyse your emotions, and create an exit plan.

Even if you are alone, keeping yourself busy with little activities will generate more brain activity and help you begin to appreciate and enjoy the little things that surround you.

Don’t be a hermit

While maintaining good grades freshman year might take extra effort as you adjust to the expanded college workload, don’t lock yourself away and study endlessly.

Colleges are not all about studying; they are also about networking and balancing life, extracurricular activities, and leisure and if you feel you have no choice but to study around the clock, don’t do it alone.

“Studying should be a high priority for freshmen, so find a study group to help hold you accountable and boost your mood.”

Seek Help

Even when hitting a very low point in your life, you are never truly alone.

Tell a friend, your roommate, or your parents how you are feeling.

Sometimes just expressing your emotions can heal many wounds. As a student you are provided with free counselling on campus.

Take advantage of these services and talk to a trained professional. Be proactive about your sadness – Be vocal and willing to turn things around before you’re in too deep.

Take advantage of technology

Staying in touch with family members and friends from childhood and high school has become easier than ever with the advent of Facebook and video chat services like Skype.

While mental health experts maintain that it’s important to make friends in your new environment and be involved in the college community, it’s equally crucial not to let bonds dissolve with the people you knew before college.

They, after all, know you better than people you first met two months ago, “they may be going through something similar and since you know each other better than you do your new friends, you can talk about what’s bothering you without fear of scaring off someone you don’t know that well,” a college transition coach and admissions consultant.

Go to sleep

Maintaining a regular sleep pattern can ward off depression.

In college, many students’ sleep patterns are irregular thanks to late-night studying and partying, which is detrimental to their mental health.

“Not only is maintaining a regular and sufficient sleep pattern important for avoiding depression, but recent learning research strongly suggests that sleep is key to learning and memory formation, the very reason why students are in school in the first place.

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