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Resume Writing Tips for Fresher’s

resume writing tips for freshers

Life for any fresher is challenging. Resume is the first things which present you in front of interviewer.

Before creating a resume, you should have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in your professional life to maximize the impact of your resume for your targeted audience.

A resume has one purpose to market your skills, achievement, professional background, academic history and future potential to a prospective employer. Before writing a resume many things you need to keep in your mind like; Customization of your resume.

Using better keyboard, format, font, size, file name, using bullet lists, use action verbs, highlight qualities & strength.

Your resume should be one-page long. Your resume should not contain the pronouns ‘I’ or ‘me’ and avoid using long paragraph.

Here you will find few resume writing tips which can help freshers to writing a resume:

 Choose Layout

Choosing a layout is one of the important thing, which everyone mostly neglect.

A typical fresher resume fresher resume layout is simple. Resume layout depends on your field, your skill set and your career path.

Required Information

Information that every resume should contain like; Contact information, education & training detail, qualification summary, skill set, achievements any professional training experience if you have any.

Mention your internships projects but make sure no lung description. Your resume should not more than two pages.


Employers will usually make a judgement about your resume in just 10 seconds. Align your section headings. Use equal space before heading and section content.

Contact information

Mention your full address with pin code, contact number & email ID. Your email id should be sound professionally.

Do not use any words which looks like unprofessional. If you do not have create a new one. If possible, give an alternative number.

Skills & strength

Your skills & strength shows the ability to do the job for which you are applying. Use proper verbs to describe your responsibilities.

No lies, even small lies should be avoided.

Personal Detail

In personal detail, do not include too much information, include your full name, parents name, date of birth, language known, contact details etc.

File Name

Save your resume with a proper file name like; Dipesh_fresher_B.Tech. Save the file in docx & pdf both formats. So, that you can make change easily if require anytime & send the pdf file every time you send for interview.

Avoid little mistakes and do not lies in your resume. Interviewer can easily catch your mistakes.

As a fresher, you need to show your skills, strength & interest how better you can learn, how early you can get the things, your thoughts, how to implement your thoughts. These things matter at this level.

Show your creativity in your resume. Sending resume means you are getting the chance to make your first impression. Good Luck for the interview…….

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