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Professional life lessons by Dhirubhai Ambani

Professional life lessons by Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirubhai Ambani is one of the biggest symbols of inspiration. He showed many people the result of hard work and passion. From a village boy, he became one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world. He started with Rs.500 and became one of the richest in the world. Here are some of the professional life lessons from the man himself.

  1. Grab an opportunity when it comes. If you ever have a chance of something, don’t hesitate to take that opportunity. It could be the turning point of your life.
  2. Trust your people. It is always important to trust your people. It strengthens the bond between people.
  3. Trust and transparency are very important. Ambani says that Indians have been brainwashed to distrust other Indians for centuries. He says that distrust kills initiative.
  4. Always dream big, but be realistic. Having a big vision is great, but it needs to be possible to achieve it.
  5. Supply creates demand. One must always think fast and ahead of others. Ideas are not a monopoly.
  6. The deeds of the team decide everything. Ambani says that the success of Reliance is not an individual achievement, but rather the achievement of the Reliance family.
  7. Motivate your people. One must believe in those who believe themselves. Offering motivation to people with potential brings results. Give your people the support they need.
  8. Change your orbit. There should be no limit to growth. Ambani says he keeps revising his vision. Stay optimistic in times of failure. No matter what difficulties you face, keep pursuing your dreams. Use your obstacles as opportunities to learn and find ways to take advantage of them.
  9. Trust should be given to be received. The more trust you give; the more you will get in return.
  10. Always think big. Have big dreams and do big deeds to reach them.
  11. Stick to your dreams. Do not give up them.
  12. Stay positive even in times of odds. Counter the negative forces with hope, self-confidence and belief.
  13. Always work with determination and perfection to be successful in your endeavours. Do not chase money as it is the by-product.

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