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How to Recruit on Social media

How to recruite on social media

Social media profiles have become standard tools for researching and evaluating talent.

Instead of looking only at candidates’ résumés, thoroughly vet them by looking at their LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media profiles.

Every month 200+ million people use Twitter, 300+ million use Instagram and 800+ million a day use Facebook.

Social platforms, with the largest audiences available, have become marketing platforms, and not just for clothes and kitchen appliances.

Hiring managers and recruiters are increasingly turning to the social web to market their companies to job seekers.

“Social hiring” to source candidates is a rapidly emerging recruitment strategy.

Companies are using social networks and other platforms, such as GitHub for software developers or Dribble for designers.

Yet many companies still don’t understand how critical it is to their success.

Social hiring through Twitter, LinkedIn, are listed in the fastest growing social networks for recruiting.

Find the way below to recruit on Social Media:


The easiest way to recruit is to tweet jobs you have available.

Twitter can be powerful for small companies or a recruiter who wants to get an edge over the competition.

If your company has a Twitter account but not a lot of followers, you can expand your network and build relationships with clients and job candidates on Twitter.

Run a quick search on Twitter for anybody discussing a specific keyword and you can get hundreds of contacts.

You can search for people you know, by location, by industry or interest, by hashtag, by popularity, by time and position.

To make your job posting tweets standout you can also use hash tags (#). Hash tags are used to filter and find information on Twitter.

You can engage with candidates and see what topics they tweet about.

There is also the opportunity to market events you will be attending.
Your company Twitter account is also an opportunity to inform potential hires about your company.

Your tweets say a lot about the company and what topics are important to your company.

When you find a potential candidate on Twitter evaluate their activity to see how often they tweet.


LinkedIn is an exclusive suite of tools for recruiters. There are two good reasons why.

First, it’s the biggest “professional” network. Second, most people use LinkedIn to update and complete their profiles as their public resumes or their professional portfolio for the world to see.

The status quo is however changing because Facebook is slowly gaining in value for recruiters as LinkedIn has DeFacto become a shark tank of 87 percent of recruiters competing for 40 percent of talent pool, which is the cause for the very low InMail response rates of 10-25 percent.

This could include former co-workers, current clients, local entrepreneurs and even friends and family.

Because you never know who someone else may be connected too that could make for a top-notch candidate.

You should also join groups where you might connect with potential candidates.


Facebook provides easy and affordable ways to increase your applicant pool.

First utilize the Facebook Directory to search for users, pages, groups and applications. You can post a job for free in the Facebook marketplace.

The ad requires basic information such as location, job category, subcategory, title, why you need to fill this position, description and if you want to post your photo with the job posting or another image.

Second resource is Facebook page. A Facebook Page is a public profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users.

If you don’t have a Facebook Page you can search other Facebook pages to find people both active and interested in your field or that would be interested in your available position.

If your company has a Facebook page you may want to use it as a recruiting tool. Another option is to post a Facebook Ad if you aren’t getting the results you want from searching.

The advantage of the ad platform on Facebook over its rivals Google AdWords and Yahoo! Advertising is that Facebook has laser targeting ability. With a Facebook Ad, you can choose the exact audience that you are looking to target.

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