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How To Research Companies?

How to research companies

Research skills will not only help you in searching for a new job, but will come in handy in many other situations in the future.  It will make your search skills better. There are three critical times to conduct research.

The first is when you are just starting your job-search and looking to identify key companies in your profession or industry, or even in a specific geographic location.

The second possibility is when you are applying to an employer; it’s always best to relate yourself to the company and tailor your cover letter and resume to each employer.

The third —  when most job-seekers finally do some research when you have been invited to a job interview; you’ll want to showcase your knowledge of the company. The sooner you get started, the better off you’ll be.

Below are some points which help you to search the company:

Competing Companies:

When you are sure about that which type of companies you are looking for be sure to research companies that directly compete with your target company. It will help you get to know your target company’s competition and what they are doing.

Wouldn’t it be impressive to a prospective employer if you could give them a head up on what their competition was doing?

Company Website:

Search for Company website, spend a lot of time on the website.

It’s a treasure trove of information. Website shared its own corporate philosophy, portfolio of companies it has funded, executive team members and their biographies, news of latest investments, current investment strategy, outlook and plan, and even job postings and careers at the firm.

Gather information about their products, business partners company dealing with & try to understand their goal.


Blogs can give the status of the company, insight into the company’s culture and its plans, focus, mission.

It will help you to give an idea to understand the job responsibilities you want to apply for what the best you can do for the company.

Read company blogs & know about the company more, collect more information, it will also help in your interview by explaining what company exactly looking for.

You can search blogs for your ideal company or blogs of the company you are applying.

Professional Social Networking Sites:

Find company pages on Professional social networking sites like LinkedIn, Blogster, Google+ etc.

Now days there are many more professional social networking sites.

Where you can find the company information and openings in that firm.

When you follow the company, you will get update alerts on the company’s activities.

You can also see who else is following that company.

Social Media:

There are many companies who has corporate pages on Twitter and Facebook that announce their latest news and happenings.

Twitter is useful to follow conversations about job opportunities, new products and the overall culture of companies. Google, Bank of America, GE and Wal-Mart are some examples of companies that have robust Twitter career pages.

Companies are using Facebook to recruit employees by posting job openings on their fan pages. They also use Facebook for market research to float ideas.

Follow the companies you are searching for; you will get updates from their pages.


You can research about the jobs in newspaper.

Check the news channels regularly, it will give you update about the companies financial conditions, new products and status.

It will be very beneficial for you to choose the right company to achieve your life goal & also for you successful career.

You can also find jobs/vacancies, hiring status about the companies.

These are some tips to research companies before your interview or to find the best company for your career.

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