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Failure Happens – Turn It Into Success  

Failure Happens Turn It Into Success

Turning failure into success isn’t easy it happens all the time.

It happens every day in practice but its not impossible. What makes you better is how you react to it.

failure is a fact of start-up life.

As much as we don’t like to think about failure, it’s important to prepare yourself mentally for the prospect that your turn in the dunk tank may be right around the corner.

Nothing made, manufactured, or assembled will not fail at some point. It is our desire to have items last long enough that keeps us working.

Since failures happen, our work includes dealing with the failure.

Failure is a step toward your ultimate success”

Decide to find a new way to handle failure and to not only look at in a more optimistic way, but also find within it clues for your next move.

You never expect failure to happen or you would obviously be prepared for the next stage in your life.

Here are few steps to avoid failure in future and turn it into success:

Accept Failure

Failure is the part of process and you need to accept that. Before overcome with failure we need to accept that.

When times get tough, one of the most frustrating things we can hear from everyone is to stay positive.

The concept of positive thinking has been misused, misconstrued, and abused by us all. Despite what we hear, it has nothing to do with smiling and being happy with everything that happens to you.

Anyone who says that is either lying or crazy. Positive thinking, rather, is used so that we can learn, grow, and evolve from what we experience in life. This does not mean try to fail.

It simply means that if you are faced with a setback, understand it is not your final destination. It is a stepping-stone in your journey that is getting you to where you need to be. When we do experience difficulties in life, it is okay to get down on ourselves.

It is okay to get upset and disappointed. Our goal however is to not stay down.

Be Honest

The most critical part of the process, which 90% of people don’t do, involves taking a couple of minutes to reflect on what happened and being brutally honest with ourselves on why it happened.

It’s easy to turn on the TV, pull out the smartphone, or find some form of distraction. Most people will do anything to avoid confronting their own self with mistakes they’ve made.


Treat people the way you want to be treated. By treating everyone with respect, you give people another opportunity to remember you.

You want people to feel as if you treated them as well as possible even though don’t get them all the way home.

It is very likely that you will cross paths again in your careers and how you handle your failures will set a precedent for how likely it will be to collaborate on future endeavors.


There may not be enough money to make everyone happy, but careful cash management, full disclosure, good timing, and self-sacrifices will go a long way toward at least generating some understanding.

Unlike friends and families, professional investors have seen these scenarios many times and know what the possible outcomes are. You must develop the skills to accomplish and achieve your goals on your own.

Get Ready for Soft Landing

If you’re never planning to pass by this way again, feel free to just smash into the wall, bail out and shut the place down, leaving waves of unhappy folks in your wake.

The only way you will have the slightest chance of doing this is if you do everything in your power for a soft landing, leaving as few people holding an empty bag as possible.

This goes for vendors, partners, employees, customers, creditors and Uncle Sam.

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