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How To Deal With Working Double Shift

How to deal with working double shift

You can be a team player, but learn to say no. An extra shift or two can put a strain on your personal life, so check in with your relationships outside of work before agreeing to work a double shift, sometimes it is okay we need to do, but daily it is not possible.

Listen to your body—it will tell you when you’re doing too much. We are human beings; our body tells us when to take rest so try to understand those signs.

Sometimes it is important to work for extra hours to deliver the work on time, maybe we need to do double shift that time we need to take care of health, we need to manage our schedule.

Here you will find few tips to deal with working double shift:


Eating is going to go a long way toward keeping your energy up over sixteen or eighteen hours.  Sitting down for a big meal is nice, but it isn’t always possible.

This is the only time that you should graze.  That is, eat little handfuls of food whenever you have a minute.

Spread out your meals by grazing. It’s never wise to inhale your meals when you’re working long shifts. Your body needs continuous fuel, so save the large, heavy meals for when you get home

If you eat high calorie, high protein foods, this can help to give you little boosts of energy as you make your way through the second part of your shift.  Carry some dry fruits in your pocket, make some microwave popcorn, or carry a baggie of cheese.

The point is that you need to eat and eat often to keep your energy levels high and get your body physically through the shift.

Energy Drinks

Hitting the caffeine hard will make things worse, if you do this constantly. Limit your caffeine consumption

But some nights are just made for energy drinks.  Coffee is an okay substitute, but you want to get something that’s going to prop them eyelids open for you.

I don’t recommend it as something you partake in all the time or for every shift – that’s what coffee is for.

When you have worked a long shift and somehow were roped into another, sometimes energy drinks are the only prop you should get you through those eight hours.

Power Nap

Once your second shift starts, you have your full complement of breaks again.

Even on your fifteen-minute breaks, you can use the time to collect yourself and gather some rest to you.

Sit in a chair in the break room, learn your head against a wall, and close your eyes.

Stay Safe

Don’t drive if you’re sleepy. Driving on little or no sleep is like driving drunk! Accidents can happen when you’re exhausted.

Experts say that if you’re blinking more than 10 blinks per minute, you’re probably too tired to drive.

Other signs of being too tired to drive are yawning, nodding off, watering eyes or if you can’t remember whether you completed routine tasks. If you’re too sleepy to drive, ask family members to pick you up.

You can also take a cab or bus. Or consider taking a nap before attempting to drive home, especially if you live more than a few minutes away.

Listen to your body’s signals! The life you save could be your own.

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