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Young CA empowers street kids

Young CA empowers street kids

Prince Tiwari is chartered accountant from Mumbai. CAs are some of the most respected and well paid people.

However instead of doing a high paying job, he choose to educate and empower underprivileged children.

It started in 2011 when he helped 10 children.

In this year, he helped more than 100 street kids get into good schools and get education. Prince is now 24 years old.

When he was 17, he saw kids playing on the road to his college.

He felt sad that they could not get the education they deserve. One day he followed the kids to their homes.

He talked to the parents as to why they are not going to school.

He found that children used to go to the local municipal school not for study but to eat the mid-day meal.

He saw that they learned nothing of value in the schools.

Young CA empowers street kids

Young CA empowers street kids

These kids could barely read or write. He knew that the children needed a better education for a better life.

So, he devoted his time to teach the kids basics in Math, science, Hindi and English to the kids.

Initially, the parents of the kids could not accept. Few children were interested in studying but lacked guidance.

Since his college did not force complete attendance, he spent a part of his day teaching these children.


Young CA empowers street kids

Young CA empowers street kids

He would gather these children on the streets and teach them. He would teach from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and then leave for work. He would spend the whole day teaching on weekends.

He was also joined by Payal Shah, his college batch mate.

The efforts of the two paid off slowly. The number of kids who attended increased and the kids also took it more seriously.

They were even provided by with books and stationary by Prince. Their efforts caught attention and some people also donated books for them.

The people nearby also prepared food for the kids.

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