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Wonder boy of Nagpur creates 4 records

Wonder boy of Nagpur creates 4 records

Can you imagine a 5-year old boy having an extraordinary memory with which he set four records? It is became common for the people of Nagpur to compare this boy with Chacha Choudhary in memory power.

This wonder boy is Varad Malkhandale. He hails from Nagpur. His excellent memory power came into light when he named 55 various models of 12 different car companies within a minute.

His name entered into The India Book of Records in 2015 with this achievement when he was just three years old.

He also has four national-level awards that were given by the World Records India (WRI). Awards are given by WRI each year to the people in India for their amazing talents and skills.

Before entering his name in the Book, Varad is thoroughly tested via video tests and online live tests, says his father, who is an assistant engineer in the PWD. His mother is a professor in an Engineering College. But, Varad aspires to become a doctor.

As per the record, Varad is the youngest one in the country to recite the alphabets in reverse order within just 3.39 seconds.

He has the ability to identify 96 car models in 1 minute and 107 car models of 22 car companies in 1 minute and 9 seconds.

Wonder boy of Nagpur creates 4 records

Wonder boy of Nagpur creates 4 records


This brilliant boy can identify the 30 Indian states within 39 seconds.

He also can put together miniature maps of these states so that the map of the country is formed in 2 minutes and 12 seconds.

He is the youngest to do such feats and hence created a record.

His father says that the boy is normal in other times.

He loves studies and playing games.

Many people do not understand his amazing talent and they could not believe his extraordinary memory power.

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