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Woman who makes DNA and breastmilk jewellery

Woman who makes DNA and breastmilk jewellery

Gone are the days when people wear only gold and silver jewellery. Wearing trendy jewellery is the latest trend.

In this scenario, jewellery is made out of wood, beads and many such materials. This woman makes jewellery out of breastmilk, dried umbilical cord etc.

Preety Maggo from New Delhi makes DNA and breastmilk jewellery. She is the founder of Magic of memories for making this unique jewellery.

She says that the jewellery made using the dried blood of a deceased father comforts the family members as they have his memories with them.

Preety Maggo makes DNA and breastmilk jewellery using different things. The Facebook and Instagram pages of Preety have videos with descriptions of various types of jewellery made out of various things like breastmilk, dried umbilical cord stump, wedding flowers, favourite piece of cloth of dear ones, first fallen tooth, first lock of hair etc.

The videos show beautiful jewellery such as rings, pendants etc., made of blood and other things. Preety says that she can make jewellery out of many things that are memorable to people.

She was an optometrist and worked from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, she wants to be unique. She researched the internet to explore the things she could do. At that time, she realized that a few women made jewellery out of breastmilk.

Preety also wanted to become a breastmilk jewellery artisan. She took training for making DNA jewellery to handle it professionally. Her family members supported her a lot.

She launched her brand to make luxury jewellery out of breastmilk, dried umbilical cord etc. She says that though some people find it gross, others appreciate her work, saying that she helps preserve their memories.

She also says that wearing breastmilk jewellery encourages several new mothers to breastfeed their children. She aims to reach many people.

Image Credit: Themagicofmemories

Image Reference: https://www.themagicofmemories.com/about-me/

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