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Woman turns plastic makes money by turning into fashionable products

Woman turns plastic makes money by turning into fashionable products

As plastic has become an integral part of human life, it is difficult to stop its usage completely. Hence, many analysts say that recycling and reusing plastic help save the environment.

Kanika Ahuja has been watching the mounting garbage in the landfill since her childhood. She thought to find out ways to use it effectively rather than end up in a landfill.

Kanika’s parents are also eco-conscious. They started an NGO to focus on energy efficiency. As part of the activities of the NGO, her parents initiated various ways to deal with plastic waste.

After finishing her post-graduation, Kanika joined the NGO and started looking after its activities. However, she had to take a break for some time to reassess the work they were doing.

The break time paved way for Kanika to launch Lifaffa to market upcycled plastic products in India and other countries like the USA.

Lifaffa is a social enterprise. It aims to train people in turning plastic waste into fashionable products.

Kanika, with the help of other group members, started working on developing sustainable solutions to recycle and upcycle plastics, especially single-use plastic products. The team developed technology with their collective effort to convert single-use plastics into a new fabric to be used for making bags, laptop sleeves, mats etc.

Around 300 artisans are working with Lifaffa. Besides, 200 waste workers are also working with it. Most of them are women. They are making good money.

So far, 12 tonnes of plastic waste have been upcycled by Lifaffa. Kanika and her team made beautiful products like bags, table mats, wallets, and other fashionable accessories. Its revenue crossed ₹1 crore in the last financial year.

Kanika wants to make more sustainable products. She also wants to offer fashionable products to all age groups. She and her team are working on it.

Image Credit: Lifaffa Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://lifaffa.wordpress.com/

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