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Woman left IT job to provide homemade food

Woman left IT job to provide homemade food

Jayanti Kathale used to work in the IT field. But, now she is the owner of Purnabramha restaurants. These chain of vegetarian restaurants specialized for authentic Marathi cuisine.

Jayanti was raised in a family where all their family members used to gather at festivals. The gathering usually had a minimum of 30 people.

Festivals mean a carnival to her. Eating out was very rare in her family due to two reasons. Their financial is the first reason and the belief that home-cooked food is more nutritious is the second reason.

When she was doing a job in the IT sector in Australia, she craved for desi food a lot. When she discussed this with several Indian friends, they too expressed the same thing.

She then created an Orkut post and asked her friends and colleagues to place orders of who need homemade food.

She was excited by the overwhelming response to her post. She then researched for various foods of Maharashtra.

Later she was shifted to Bengaluru. She continued in her job to fund her cooking project which was making her day very long. She used to work around 20 hours a day which was a big struggle.

She then started a restaurant in HSR Layout, Bengaluru as per the suggestion of one of her customers that visits her eatery.

She had to face losses in the initial days. She took a personal loan for her business. She sold all her jewelry. She took hand loans from her friends.

Even the salaries to the employees of the restaurants were delayed. However, most of the employees were women and they did not complain about that. Moreover, they cooperated with her.

With her constant efforts and never turn back attitude, she succeeded. She has 11 restaurants at present. Her dream is to expand to 5,000 outlets across the globe to provide authentic desi food.

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