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Woman earns lakhs with homemade gluten-free ice cream

Woman earns lakhs with homemade gluten-free ice creams

If anything becomes essential, you are forced to explore the ways to achieve it. It can be said that “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

This proverb has proven to be true in case of this Delhi woman. Prerna Puri turned an entrepreneur from the need.

Prerna’s son is fond of ice creams. However, it was difficult to find ice creams during the lockdown. Moreover, Prerna was worried about the hygiene of the local products. Hence, she started making ice creams at home.

She watched many YouTube videos to learn about making ice creams. She came to know that stabilizers and emulsifiers are used in ice creams to improve their shelf life.

Prerna then wanted to make ice cream with all-natural ingredients. She did a lot of research and experimented with various ingredients available at home without any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

She succeeded in her attempts after a few trials. However, her ice creams have a short shelf life due to lack of preservatives. While the fruit flavoured-ice creams will last for 20 days, other flavours last for up to 60 days.

Prerna is a graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology. She was an interior designing consultant before the lockdown. However, she had no designing work during the lockdown. Her son’s desire for ice cream and her research on making handcrafted ice cream made her entrepreneur.

Prerna’s son Aaryan Puri likes her ice cream. He is the taster of all ice creams. His favourite flavour is pure chocolate ice cream.

Prerna’s ice creams are available in six regular flavours and two seasonal flavours like Mango and Litchi. Price ranges from ₹95 to ₹650.

Prerna’s handcrafted ice creams are gluten-free, low-fat and all-natural. Her sales have been doubling over the months. At present, the ice cream is sold in 25 premium stores generating revenue of ₹7 lakhs.

So far, nearly 40 tonnes of ice cream is produced with the help of 16 employees. Ice creams are available in Delhi-NCR region, Mumbai, and Pune.

Image Credit: Prernas Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://www.prernasicecream.com/

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