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Kerala woman earns lakhs with mushroom farming

Kerala woman earns lakhs with mushroom farming

If you have a strong passion and patience, you can succeed in any field chosen by you. This mother and son duo is a good example of it.

Leena and Jithu Thomas from Kerala are successful in mushroom farming. They started selling one packet a day. Now, the mother and son duo is earning more than ₹4 lakhs per month.

Their success story is here. Jithu pursued his post-graduation in social work. He was just 19 when he started mushroom farming along with his mother Leena.

Jithu, who worked with an NGO after his post-graduation, realized the potential in mushroom farming. He decided to turn into a full-time mushroom farmer. Till then, he chose it as a side business.

He attended a one-day workshop to learn mushroom farming methods in detail. He also researched the internet to know more about it.

Jithu decided to employ scientific methods to reap more benefits in a short span. He and his mother planned so carefully that they overcame the situation of pandemic without a major loss.

Temperature plays a crucial role in mushroom farming. They maintained the required temperature. Besides, they designed the room in such a way to accommodate a maximum number of beds to keep mushrooms.

They employed 11 women from their surroundings to help them in mushroom farming. They make packets of 200 g and distribute them in local supermarkets, bakeries and other shops. The cost of each packet is ₹80.

The duo is producing around 100 kg of mushrooms daily, with which they are earning nearly ₹35,000-₹40,000. Though it is not an easy task, they achieved it with dedication and enthusiasm.

Jithu provides short-term training in mushroom farming. Interested farmers can get training in both online and offline methods. They also sell seeds to other farmers for mushroom farming.

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