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Woman earns lakhs by selling pickles and powders

Woman earns lakhs by selling pickles and powders

Food, especially homemade food, is preferred by many people. If quality homemade food is provided, then it is supreme over all food items in the market. This was proved once again in this woman’s case.

This Tamil Nadu woman earns lakhs of rupees, continuing the legacy of her mother-in-law.

Late Prem Lata Devi was a good cook. After her death, her son and daughter-in-law launched a startup in her name to continue the legacy. Prem Eatacy, which was started in November 2020, served over 1,500 clients.

Prem Lata Devi was died in 2017 due to a heart stroke. After one year of her death, her daughter-in-law, Sonam, found her books’ collection while cleaning the home.

Sonam found many recipes in those books. During the lockdown, Sonam decided to try these recipes as per her mother-in-law’s recipes. She sent them to their close relatives in packs after that. Unexpectedly, the response was overwhelming as everyone called her and told her they were happy with those recipes.

Then Sonam and her husband, Ajey, decided to launch a startup. Sonam also put stalls with her products at some exhibitions in the city. She knew the preferences of customers from their feedback. Rather than her cooking, she believed in the detailed notes of the recipes of her mother-in-law.

The couple started their venture at their home with an investment of ₹10 lakhs. They sell on their website and eCommerce websites like Amazon. They are receiving orders from abroad as well.

While they expect to fulfil around 100 orders per month, they are selling over 2,000 orders.  The couple generates around ₹5 lakhs per month.

They sell 21 types of pickles, powders and chutneys ranging from ₹175 to ₹225. Gongura chutney, hing chutney, mint coriander chutney, and molagapodi are some of their best sellers.

Image Credit: Premeatacy Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://premeatacy.com/

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