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Vivek Babu: The 15 year old entrepreneur

Vivek Babu: The 15 year old entrepreneur

Under most circumstances, Vivek Babu would not have had a promising future. India’s education system tends to push children into doctoral or engineering professions, whether or not they enjoy those fields or are even good at them.

Parents support this system, always forcing their children into these fields and feeling ashamed of them if they fail to succeed. However, Vivek was lucky; his parents, Rashmi and Nagesh Babu, were entirely supportive of their son’s creative mindset and allowed him to pursue the career he wanted.

He was allowed into a system of progressive education, where he was allowed to discover his passion in carpentry.

Vivek began to have trouble coping with his school curriculum around Class 6, and his parents realized that the fault was not a lack of talent in their son, but rather, a lack of opportunity in the education system for him to flesh out his talents.

Therefore, they decided to send Vivek to Aurinko Academy, which allowed for a free-learning environment for its students. Unlike in classroom curriculums, there was a plethora of genres and classes from which Vivek could choose. In a few months, Vivek had taken a liking to carpentry, and was enjoying himself far more than he had ever done in normal school.

Vivek was so engrossed in his carpentry work that he even caught the attention of the principal, Anoop Keni. Anoop would help Vivek in his projects and the both of them would become completely immersed in Vivek’s work.

He has now been showing his talents to the Internet, over both his YouTube page and his Facebook page. He has even begun his own line of carpentry, called “Kingwood Carpentry”, which he showcases over these pages.

Vivek Babu: The 15 year old entrepreneur

Vivek Babu: The 15 year old entrepreneur

Since his mother Rashmi works in education, Vivek has been helping her with his carpentry by making several colorful, fun educational toys for the children to play with.

Vivek’s woodork goes to show that educational opportunity can truly unveil hidden and valuable talents.

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